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Pocket Bikes 101

Hello, and welcome to Pocket Bikes 101. Here at Pocket Bikes 101 we offer a product selection and reviews. We also have a number of other good resources. We explain how each different type of pocket bike works, and the difference in engine class from one to the other. Pocket Bikes 101 has all different kinds of pocket bikes and different makes of bikes. You can find a good deal on the pocket bike you're looking for here. We carry many top brands including Blata, Bravo, Minimoto, Razor, Yamaha and much more.

You can browse the site by engine class or by brand name.

Gas powered pocket bikes

We prefer gas powered pocket bikes on this website for many reasons. For more information you should really check out our gas powered pocket bikes page. Gas powered pocket bikes are typically faster then electric pocket bikes, but of course we have these as well.

Electric pocket bikes

Looking for an electric pocket bike? We've got the bikes, scooters, even a dirt bike or two. We've even got pocket bike racing DVDs and video games, so be sure to stop by and check it all out.

Browse by engine class or by brand name

The menus on the top will allow you to browse by either pocket bike manufacturer or by engine class. As you would anticipate, the larger engine classes will be bigger, more powerful bikes with bigger motors. Some of them may also be more expensive as you move into the higher end performance models.

Enjoy our database of relevant products

Each product that you will see on the site has been hand picked and manually assigned to the page you're browsing. In essence, we don't use any automatic feeds which could show potentially irrelevant products. For more information, please check out each product individually before asking questions as to what it comes with.

Please ensure to supervise your child

Pocket bikes can be a dangerous thing for children. Be wary, as they do move at 40-50kmph in some cases and can lead to your child being seriously hurt. Please ensure to supervise your kids while they are riding their toys. Even if the bike does not move faster then 30kmph or what have you, it's still important that you educate your child and supervise them. Especially small children at 6-7 years of age or younger, it's imperative they are supervised while riding. Also ensure they have proper protection - a helmet is a nessecity.

Featured products for Wednesday

3cc Engine 2 Stroke Motor Electric Pocket Bike
3cc Engine 2 Stroke Motor Electric Pocket Bike

Price : $610 USD
Power(kw/rpm): 0.9/7000 Max. Torque and Rev(N. W/rpm): 1.5/5000 Ignition System: ... [For More]

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Price : $295 USD
From fun zones to pro tracks, go-kart racing is a ... [For More]

49 cc Pocket Mini Bike Scooter Quad Atv Pull Start
49 cc Pocket Mini Bike Scooter Quad Atv Pull Start

Price : $15 USD
Replacement part for chineese / CAG pocket bike or ATV ... [For More]

ini Pocket Rocket Parts 49cc 44mm Cylinder Rebuild Kit Mini Quad
ini Pocket Rocket Parts 49cc 44mm Cylinder Rebuild Kit Mini Quad

Price : $44 USD
Mini Pocket Bike & Mini Quad Engine Rebuild Kit. Comes ... [For More]

Recent Product Reviews

id like to by this bike

ill give u the 436 as long as that pays for shipping & handling also i get money in 2 weeks then i can by it
by neil posted on Thursday, July 21, 2011
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I'm looking for something for my 2 yr old to ride.I think this is something I could consider,I know hes a little small for it now,but it wouldn't be long at all,he rides really good!
by Amber Thomas posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2011
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dirt bike

i love dirt bikes by rebecca posted on Monday, June 27, 2011
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does anyone know whare i could go to do a trade with a RC truck for a pocket bike im 15 years old and i would love to get a pocket bike but have no money let me know thanks !!! by Dennis Hilts JR. posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
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Will you ship it

Hey love the bike and ill pay ya the full price your asking by Peter Lang posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2011
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